Dragon Medicine Oil

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This product is brought to us by Beaux Magique.

Perfect for spiritual work and candle magic and crafted from the oldest to the newest of magic recipes, spell-work and secret combinations, this anointing oil makes a great addition to your magic work.

A Beaux Magique Metier! Once upon a time, a young Red Dragon stayed with me over a cold Canadian winter. As She slept, Her magic quietly crept over my home and spoke to me. (Not to mention causing havoc with the rest of the house spirits!) Over a year in the making, this is a complex anointing oil, charged in my own sacred space and dedicated to the Spirit of the Dragon.

Anoint candles; your mojo bag, or toby, your Dragon imagery or statuary (discreetly with caution to the materials), your book shelves, your wallet or cash registers or pulse points for meditation. This anointing oil can be used for the following: to Endure Challenges, Balance, Change, Consciousness, Courage, Creativity, to Recognize Danger, to Dispel Darkness, to Destroy the Old and Make Way for the New, Dignity, to Assist in Dream Work, Enlightenment, Fertility, Gentleness, to Connect with the Keepers of Ancient Knowledge, to Invoke Archetypal Light, Luck, To Strengthen Magic, Manifestation, to Banish Negativity, to Access the Underworld, to Harness the Power of Nature, to Deal with Problems, to Bring Prosperity, to Assist in Shamanic Work, to Increase Spiritual Power, to invoke Dragon Strength, to Acquire Wealth and Keep it, and Imbue Wisdom.