2024 Witches' Spell a Day Almanac

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Cast a new spell each day of the year. Regardless of your skill level, Llewellyn's Spell-A-Day Almanac will inspire you to try new enchantments, recipes, rituals, and meditations. Most of the spells require only minimal supplies, and this book also includes beginner-friendly advice on the best time, place, and tools for performing each spell. This year's bewitchments are written by well-known practitioners, such as Stephanie Rose Bird, Raven Digitalis, Melanie Marquis, Naja Lightfoot, Melissa Tipton, Tess Whitehurst, Charlie Rainbow Wolf, and Laura Tempest Zakroff.

These spells are designed to help you improve many aspects of your daily life, including love, health, money, protection, home and garden, travel, and communication. You will also discover daily color and incense recommendations and astrological data to enhance each day.