My Story

Hi! My name is Tess and welcome to the Witch’s Chamber. I’d like to tell you a little about me, the path I am following and where it has all lead me and my art. Born in Portugal, my parents emigrated to Canada when I was an infant, I have lived in Ontario most of my life except for my travels to Glastonbury and my time with Yemaya surrounded by her waters in New Brunswick which was wonderful and fulfilling for my spiritual growth.
A Witch from birth, with a heritage that can be tracked back to Welsh, Brazilian and African, were they all witches before me? that would be their question to answer not mine. My personal path is Voodoo heavily mixed with Celtic, thereby honoring my ancestral lines. I honor Yemaya first and foremost in all I do, however, I also work with Bruxa D’Evora quite intimately, as well as Maman Brigitte, Baron Samedi and of course Papa Legba. These are my own personal connections to the Gods, Spirits and Ancestors that walk with me but in my art many times I channel many others, I don’t turn them away but rather let them guide my hands or my words. As an Interfaith Minister I appreciate and honor all connections to Spirit.
I am a certified Reiki level 2 practitioner, an empath that has done Ascension pathwork and have been Ascended. I walk an ancient ancestral path, one that shows itself to me with each step forward. I became an ordained Interfaith Minister in 2011, after a lifetime of walking between the worlds, because in essence I see truth and value in each path. I was also house tarot reader for a metaphysical shop in Ontario, now I do online readings as well as group parties for readings.
I create Pagan jewelry, altar items, wands, candles for spells, craft poppets and offer community rituals on my Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/witchschamber. You can always find me sharing all manner of bits about my life as well as words of inspiration, giggles and love; always with a witchy flair. I am very passionate about mental health, equality and sharing truths about life, love and all manner of spiritual paths. Witch’s Chamber the shop, is how I share my love of creation with the world, and was born after many years of dreams, collecting of supplies, inch by inch, bit by bit, my intuitive side knew to prepare for my ultimate inability to work outside the home due to my health, so now I am a stay at home entrepreneurial witchy mom! I have no formal training in jewelry making or art. I embrace the flow no matter what I am creating because when I wake up I could go from painting with oils to ceramic/clay to my favorite which is stones and wire.There is no conscious plan or anything to any piece I create. I often pick things up as I feel the need to and carry that stone with me until I feel the energy of it start to flow and then I just sit and create. The energy flows from my guides, and sometimes the ancestors. Many times it is the Gods that want to lay claim to that stone or that wrap or that piece of art, the essence flows through me into the pieces. I do not have fancy tools just me and the energy that flows. When I start a project, I generally finish creating before I put it down, which often times is detrimental to the happiness of the others in my home, especially when they are waiting for me to go out, this has led to very many little take out kits of wire and stones that have cropped up as need be, once I begin I have to work through the energy before the connection to that specific piece can be broken. I know my pieces are a channeling experience much like mediumship.
I also am an avid gardener, I enjoy working in my garden and growing my own herbs for my personal Witch’s cupboard. From the herbs I harvest I make my own infused oils and home remedies, which I incorporate into my Spell Pillar and taper candles, Soy Wax Melts and in special instances pendants that are worn carrying your spell with you and no one is ever the wiser, a witch’s way to wield her magic in open sight with secrecy.
Blessings! and welcome to my circle!