Witch's Chamber Essentials

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These are in house prepared, blessed and crafted Witch's Chamber Essentials. All crafted and gathered to honour Yemaya. 


Queen's Incense ~ my own blend of resins, blessed under the Dark Moon, named after Yemaya, the Queen of the Witches. 1.25 oz total weight.


Yemaya's Eclipse Oil ~ Eclipse Oil crafted under the Eclipse season of 2020, the oil has been steeping since on the altar. Now bottled and ready to anoint your candles, magical tools or for use in your own spells. 1 oz total weight.


Atlantic Ocean sand ~ collected on special days, from the coast of Maine and New Brunswick! Perfect for use in spells requiring the Ocean. It is also great to use in your cauldron, or as a base for charcoal burners. 3.30 oz total weight