Let them Witch

Let them Witch

I have missed writing, it was something that Lyme disease took from me some time ago, I mean I still knew what I wanted to say but when it came time to sit and actually blog I could not translate those feelings into words on a screen! but lately it seems to be coming back thankfully! so ready or not world I am back to writing and I hope to do it much more regularly.

Life is interesting at times, and today was no different as I was cleaning my orchids, working on getting rid of a mite spider that is spinning webs on them and slowly trying to kill each one, this is no small task though as I have about 45 different orchid plants! Today was my fifth attempt to rid them of this horrible little parasite, I have used multiple natural ways in the past but today was just a case of literally washing each bud, flower and stem…..then it hit me as I was cleaning the little pole that the flower stems are held onto by a clip….the clip…..the spring in them the spiders are hiding in that tiny little space…..the form of support that was holding these stems to the pole is what was being used against the flowers!

As I cleaned them away, replaced all the clips and put my flowers back up, I felt a sense of satisfaction, and it made me think of all the times that we ourselves have to lean on supports that may not always be as supportive as they seem on the surface…..let’s be honest there is a ton of misinformation, mixed ideas and literal crap out there that we as witches seem to always be wading through….today it was a post about Christian witches, which of course brought out all kinds of opinions, those I love….it’s the ones that state unequivocally that there can be no such thing…..well! first yes there can be Christian witches….being a witch is not about a religion, it is an energy, a practice, a way of life, about magic BUT nowhere is it about a certain religion! I have said this over and over and over but it seems to get lost…..Let them witch! if they want to be Christian witches then let it be so! and yes the bible is used everyday in Voodoo/Hoodoo and other traditions…..for those that are unaware there is much power and magic in the Psalms and a great use for each and every one of them…..and they are quite effective.

My point in all of this is not to defend or promote Christian witchcraft, it is to simply dispel the myth that witchcraft somehow belongs to some mystical religion over another, it does not…..witchcraft allows all of us the freedom to practice as we see fit, with our own energies, our own thoughts and incantations….this does not mean we are free from the consequences and blessings that we manifest, because we are always held responsible regardless of the religion we follow, energy is like that it will always loop back to where it started so that it can complete its circle……the problem in how we practice does not lie in whether we use a bible, call Jesus a magician or believe in everything Celtic, the only problem we face is the intention that we come to the cauldron to craft with….your heart is the only thing you should concern yourself with when it comes to how to craft…..and let everyone else’s heart be a matter unto themselves…..remember the parasite sometimes hides within the supports that we lean on, so next time you pick up something that tells you that your way to witch is the only way, PUT THAT SHIT DOWN! that support is lying to you and taking away all the sacrifices that witches have laid down for centuries for your freedom to practice now…..in truth and ironically considering the Bible is what started this discussion today, you will not find everything you want in every support but that is where you have the ability to become discerning, not allowing yourself to fall prey to the thought and manipulation of only one way…..everyday, still women and men die accused of witchcraft and until we stop the infighting within our own communities that will never end, if anything we allow the energy of the burning times to get stronger daily by our own inner fights about whose path is more correct than the others!

Witches! we are everywhere and we come in every denomination, color, race, creed and sexual orientation and gender! and some of us even prefer to consider ourselves fluid in gender…..FREEDOM to CHOOSE our path is our right in witchcraft so stop harshing everyone’s mellow by insisting there is only one way!


I hope this is the last time I say this but somehow I am thinking it won’t be, and yep I will jump in there right away again, because well, my Libra brain just cannot handle the unfairness of it all!